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For the love of MINI Bikes


 RC mini5 ECU for Kawasaki Z125Pro

Aracer RC Mini5 Completely replaces your stock ECU

  • Turn your bike from your smart phone
  • Plug and play Kit, no wiring work needed
  • 3D fuel mapping, 3D ignition timing, fuel in acceleration, fuel cut in deceleration, idle rpm...etc adjustment
  • Manifold Air Pressure base for inlet air amount calculation
  • engine speed limit & Idle rpm adjustment
  • Auto-tune function with aRacer AF1 wideband sensor module installed
  • About 10%~15% power increasing from stock ECU
  • Quick Shifter adjustment
  • RCMini5 with AF1 can achieve the fuel correction by close loop
  • Comes with blink2 for smartphone connection
  • Malf code reader

RC Mini5 ECU for Kawasaki Z125Pro



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