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Leading Las Vegas Mini Bike Shop


MiniHolics by HRP was founded by Israel native, Bar Himelblau. Through years of experience and perseverance, Bar and his team at MiniHolics by HRP are dedicated to providing top-performing Mini's parts and builds.

Growing up in Israel, Bar had a great love for bikes. Alongside our full-size motorcycles, we always had an addiction to Mini Bikes - Mini Holics was funded in order to provide one store that has it all for your MINI bikes.

with over a decade of modifying and building Mini bikes, we are here to help, suggest or build your Mini.

Not only do we stand behind each one of our products, but we also ride and test them every day! whether it's our own manufacturing or 3rd part manufacturer we try it out!
From mild to wild, we have the parts to help you set your preferred toys apart from the crowd!

Today our shop operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada Bar runs the shop with his wife, two kids, and his team of six. 


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