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For the love of MINI Bikes


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Part #: DB507

UPC: 608415711520

3-Rail Folding Combo Off Road Trailer and Dual Sport Trailer for Dirt Bikes and Adventure Touring Applications.

Trailer Weight: 380 lbs
Loading Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Standing Height: 88 inches
Max Width: 84 inches
Max Length: 110 inches
Depth: 27 inches


Kendon Stand-Up Folding Trailers Stand-Up™ Dirt Bike Trailer, Sport Bike & Scoo

Primary Color
Secondary Color
  • Three-Rail Folding Stand-Up™ Dirt Bike Trailer, Sport Bike and Scooter Trailer

    Versatility reigns supreme with the Kendon Three-Rail Stand-Up™ Trailer. One trailer to haul your dirt bikes, your sport bikes, adventure bikes, and scooters. The three-rail dirt bike trailer will even work for one heavy American v-twin or metric cruiser. If you’re into bikes of all shapes and sizes, the Three-Rail may be just what you’re looking for. With its large expanded metal deck, three bike rails with adjustable wheel chocks, and 1,500-lbs. capacity, the Three-Rail Stand-Up™ trailer has the might and attitude you need. With its convenient fold-up, stand-up design and 27 in. x 84 in. storage space requirements, the Three-Rail Stand-Up™ Trailer has the features you want.

    Superior design, exceptional performance

    Exceptional performance doesn’t just happen by accident, it’s a product of superior design and years of testing and refinement. Kendon’s round steel tube construction and triangulated frame geometry is inspired by racecar design and engineering. The result is a trailer that is incredibly easy to use and even easier to tow. Our years of testing and refining our frame geometry helped us develop an amazingly lightweight, incredibly strong trailer. That means a great ride for your bike and an easy tow for your vehicle. And for you that means a trailer that’s easy to stand up and maneuver in the garage.

    Three’s not a crowd

    The Three-Rail trailer loves company. So go ahead, load three dirt bikes, sport bikes, scooters, adventure bikes, or lightweight standard bikes and hit the road. You can even load two heavier bikes or a combination of bikes as long as you have the space and you stay below the 1,500-lbs. capacity limit. Take the family. Take some friends. Go. Ride.

    Whether your heading to the track to spin laps, heading to the hills for some single track, or heading out of town for a new destination, the Three-Rail Folding Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer is perfect for almost any adventure. And when that adventure ends, stand your Kendon trailer up, roll it away in the garage, and wait for next weekend’s fun.

    Tow in Style!

    Fully customize your trailer the way you want it at NO extra cost.** Select from a range of color options and four alloy wheel styles. Can’t choose just one color? Choose two! You can select a one or two-tone color option to make your trailer stand out from the crowd.

    Three-Rail Dirt Bike Trailer Features at a Glance

    • Patented independent torsion bar suspension
    • Integrated casters for easy maneuverability in storage
    • Lightweight design and construction for simple, one-person operation
    • 13-inch alloy wheels with radial tires; select from four different styles!
    • 3-year and 5-year Factory Extended Warranty available
    • Three Rails with integrated wheel chock system for up to three full size dirt bikes, two sport bikes, or one heavyweight cruiser
    • Full 1,500 lb. carrying capacity for up to three bikes and/or cargo
    • Removable center rail for additional cargo room
    • Included push-on operation loading ramp (stored under trailer)
    • Industrial-grade powder coating finish
    • Kendon’s legendary towing performance
    • Handcrafted in California; Made in USA


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