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For the love of MINI Bikes


The Kawasaki Z-125 (BR125) is ready to take to the track with two new R-77 mini Race Series full systems.

For 2017-19 Kawasaki Z-125 Pro we have two new R-77 mini systems available that are handcrafted by our sister company for Yoshimura R&D exclusively for the US market. Both use stainless steel construction throughout the system with two sleeve options. Stainless satin finish or titanium that displays an insane bluing effect. A carbon fiber end cap completes the unique Yoshimura look.

Both R-77 systems reduce weight, add performance and provide that distinctive R-77 Yoshimura sound.

If your serious about the small bore life, it Yoshimura!

  • Stock Full system weight: 8.5 Lbs.  
  • Yoshimura Titanium R-77 full system weight: 5.1 Lbs.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro 2017-19 Yoshimura EXHAUST RACE R-77 FS SS-TI-CF



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