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For the love of MINI Bikes


Ohlins FDK-107 (fork damping kit) for the Grom/Monkey is a great performance upgrade for the standard bike's front end. Improved handling, cornering and braking are immediately apparent.Kit comprises:- Compression insert- Rebound insert- Replacement top caps- Higher performance rate springsImproved handling, cornering and braking are immediately noticed. Full maintenance capability with alternative spring rates available as an accessory part. Spring rate 6,0 N/mm compared to the standard 5,5 N/mm. Öhlins recommends the use of Öhlins suspension fluid R&T 01309-01 for this product. The cartidge kit is easily installed into the standard fork legs after first removing the standard fork kit, but Öhlins always recommends having this installation done by an authorized Öhlins center.SpecsProven Öhlins damping technologyDeveloped for the Honda MSXSprings includedCompression insertRebound insertReplacement Öhlins top capsHigher performance rate springs

Honda Monkey Ohlins front fork damping kit



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