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For the love of MINI Bikes


This power up kit is designed to give a significant power boost over stock. Using TYGA Performance and KITACO products, the power of the Grom is increased by 25%. See the dyno graph in the photos. STD vs the full system with carbon silencer, Kitaco type 2 camshaft, i-map (setting #3). Similar results were found with the Moto Maggot and stainless type silencers.



This product consists of the components shown below, namely:

EXPS-0042 Set, Pipe, Full Race System, MSX125 Grom, Mot Maggot

KIT-300-1432010 KITACO Type 2 Camshaft        

KIT-763-1432010 KITACO i-Map. Fuel Injection Controller 


KIT-763-0500900 i-Map interface cable. To adjust the