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For the love of MINI Bikes


This is a full upgrade and complete kit to your Cam tensioner system.

If your running a big brake kit of any sort, its must recommended to get this kit

If you had any problems with your chain adjustment, or it keeps losing tension,breaking the chain guide or eating the button itself this is the kit you need.

Kit includes.

  1. Flat design chain tensioner
  2. Heavy Duty chain guide
  3. Heavy duty tensioner button PVC/Brass ,Although the brass is more durable the brass makes more noise so keep that in mind.
  4. Optimized tensioner pushrod
  5. Heavy duty flat chain design.
  6. OEM Magneto cover gasket.


This kit has no installing instructions ATM, and we recommend to get it professionally installed.

Heavy Duty Cam Tensioner kit for Honda Grom/Monkey

$119.99 Regular Price
$92.00Sale Price


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