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For the love of MINI Bikes


Black Edition Chimera Engineering Short Ram Intake System! The same great intake system for the Honda Grom but the Black Edition is powder-coated texture black to add heat resistance to the intake tube and to provide stealth and aggressive appearance! 

Chimera Engineering Direct bolt-on intake system that will allow your Grom 125 / MSX 125 to breathe! Built-in air snorkel that will help increase airflow! Unlike other intake kits on the market, the Chimera Short Ram Intake retains the OEM IAT sensor so that'll get the most accurate reading. It also recirculates the crankcase breather. Comes completed with fairing rod and K&N air filter! Easy to install! You'll have fun doing it!


K&N air filter is pre-oiled with a lifetime warranty!

FITS UP TO 2021 

Chimera Black Edition Short Ram Air Intake System - Honda Grom 125 OG/SF



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