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For the love of MINI Bikes


RacingBros Adjustable Front Fork Kit for Kawasaki Z125 Pro allows you to adjust the ride height, compression, and rebound rates on the front suspension/fork. Adjustment is made easy with access from the top of the fork! Highly recommended for all types of riders/racers and for those who are canyon carve during the weekend! RacingBros engineered and built their Front Fork Kit specifically for the Z125Pro! One of the best fork kits you could purchase for the competition!

All necessary spacers are included.


Spring rate is:

  • 6N/mm fork spring: for under 220lbs rider

  • 7N/mm fork spring: for riders over 220lbs rider


Recommended fork oil weight from Racing Bros is 5w or 7w. However, this is all based on the rider's preference, riding style, and the actual rider's weight. Only 1 quart of fork oil is needed, each fork uses 190-210ml of oil.


Professional installation is highly recommended. Special tools are needed to install the RacingBros Front Fork Kits.


Steady Garage offers the front suspension installation service to the customer's front forks. Customers will have to provide a set of Z125 forks in order for the Front Damping Kit to be installed. Turn around time is 1-2 weeks, please contact us for scheduling and more information. Shipping must be covered by the customer, both ways. New Fork Oil is also recommended.

RacingBros Adjustable Front Fork Kit For Kawasaki Z125 Pro



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