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For the love of MINI Bikes


Short Ram Air Intake Kit

  • Chimera Short Ram Air Intake Pipe
  • 3-ply Silicone Intake Coupler
  • 2 x Hose Clamps
  • 1 x Air Filter Clamp
  • Airfilter for your choose

The Waterproof Short Ram Air Intake Kit for the Kawasaki Z125 Pro will directly replace the entire OEM air box without any permanent modification. This kit pairs the extremely popular Chimera Intake with a Sprint Filter® Waterproof Conical Air Filter, which combine for even more power. The Waterproof Short Ram Air Intake Kit is positioned to allow more direct, cooler and fresher air into your engine, giving you quicker throttle response and increased performance. The Sprint Filter® and Chimera Intake combination showed a measurable power increase during in-depth dyno testing. In addition to the performance increase the waterproof filter has now resolved many customer concerns of running an "open" style intake due to inclement weather conditions. You’ll also notice a deep “tone” from your bike as the intake can now breathe more freely. The Chimera Intake is made in the USA from aluminum and polished for show-quality finish.

Note: When installing the short ram intake, make sure the battery is unplugged. This will allow the ECU to reset the existing parameter and refresh itself to the new change.

Kawasaki Z125Pro Chimera short ram intake



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