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Chimera Race header for the Honda Grom 125 / MSX 125 is a full length one piece header made completely from 304 stainless steel! Chimera is the first company to introduce a centered/under-tail exit header for the Honda Grom in America! Designed with adaptability in mind, builders are able to cut anywhere along the header to make a right exit exhaust, centered/under-tail exhaust, or an exhaust with a muffler slightly above the swing arm! Simply cut it to where you want to position the muffler and you have a unique and custom exhaust! Primary tubing size is 1-3/8", which is stepped up to 1.5" all the way to the end of the header. Any 1.5" inside diameter muffler will be able to slip over any section of the header. You could also step the header up to whatever size inlet that your muffler may have. Highly recommended for big bore engines! Chimera Race header also has very tight fitment, getting as close to the engine as possible!

Designed and made in the USA!



  • For those running an under-cowl, depending on which brand and style you have, it may come in contact or very close with part of the undercowl. Chimera Race header was prototyped before any under cowls/underbelly was sold in America. (Note, it will clear Tyga Undercowls).
  • Removing the rear tail fender (aka diaper) is required for those who are planning to run a center-exit exhaust set up.
  • May not clear shocks with fixed reservoirs (depends on brand).
  • Will not work for 2017 Honda Grom SF. (Additional modification to the lower frame is required.)

Chimera race header Honda Grom 125 - Under Tail / Center Exit

SKU: CH-1013
  • product update: Slight revision has been made to provide additional clearance around the shock area so that users no longer have to worry about shock options that may come close to the header! Also, the tail section has been extended 4 inches for those who would like to use short mufflers or for the additional poke! The revisions were done to improve the already well-made product to make it even better!


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