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Chimera Engineering ZS190 Zongshen 190CC Engine to Honda Grom 125 EFI Conversion (ALL YEARS).

This kit will allow you to keep the fuel injection system when you change the engine over to a ZS190 or Daytona engine. There is no more need to switch to a carburetor setup. Retain the reliability of the Fuel Injection system while running a ZS190 engine.

Since you are going to a larger displacement engine compared to stock, you will need a fuel controller or switch to an Aracer Fully Standalone ECU setup. You will also need a larger fuel injector to match the displacement of the new engine.

EFI Conversion Kit Content:

- Chimera High Output Upgraded Stator

- Chimera Conversion Flywheel

- Chimera Intake Manifold Adapter

- Chimera Stator Adaptor


All other items such as ZS engine swap mount, ZS190 engine, custom exhaust, etc are required to complete the engine swap. This kit contains items that are needed for you to keep the EFI system since the ZS engines normally run a carburetor.

Chimera Engineering ZS190 Zongshen 190CC Engine To Honda Grom 125 EFI Conversion



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