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For the love of MINI Bikes


Chimera Engineering Short Ram Honda Grom 125 intake system will directly replace the entire factory air box without the need to modify anything! Chimera Short Ram intake is positioned to allow a more direct, cooler, and fresher air into your engine, giving you better throttle response and better performance. Increase airflow and at the same time, get a nice deep throaty intake sound while you ride around! When it comes down to race time, you have the option to remove the air filter and expose a velocity stack/air snorkel to increase airflow! Made from aluminum and powder-coated textured black for the final finish. 


Chimera Engineering Short Ram Intake has been proven over and over again to increase HP without harming torque! This should the first thing to do on your Honda Grom! 


Chimera Short Ram Intake System contents:

  • Chimera Short Ram Intake Pipe
  • Chimera IAT Sensor Wire Extension Harness
  • Chimera 3 Ply Silicone Intake Coupler
  • 2x Hose Clamp
  • Intake pipe outside diameter is 50mm, you could use any universal cone filter with a 49mm-51mm inside diameter of your choice.


See picture for installation tips of how to transfer the nut clips, this method would help stabilize the fairing. There is no fairing rod available at this time. The 2022 Grom fairings are very sturdy with the nut clips in position, however, if you're worried about the fairings moving, you can leave the stock airbox intact and just remove the OEM snorkel. 

Made in the USA! *PATENT PENDING*       


OPTIONAL K&N Pre-charger: for those that want to keep their K&N air filters in tip-top condition! The K&N PreCharger is a specially designed filter wrap made to extend the service interval of your K&N Filter when used in very dusty conditions. They are made from durable polyester material containing uniform micron openings. The PreCharger will stop small dirt particles; yet add little restriction to the airflow of the filter. The PreCharger is designed to be run dry and can be cleaned with K&N Filter Cleaner.     



When installing the short ram intake, make sure the battery is unplugged. Before plugging the battery back on, make sure the IAT sensor is connected, otherwise, a check engine light would appear if you forget to plug in the IAT sensor. Resetting the ECU is recommended to erase the existing parameter and refresh itself to the new change. Please refer to the service manual for ECU reset.  Like any aftermarket air intake system for the automotive and power sports industry, not recommended to be used in rain.


Sprint Filter Waterproof Air Filter Option: Sprint air filter overall size is a lot larger than the K&N air filter. Since the Sprint Filter is taller than the K&N air filter, depending on your intake placement, you may need to adjust and position the intake to your preference. 


    1. Install the coupler onto the throttle body first with the hose clamps positioned to where it's easily accessible.
    2. Transfer the IAT sensor from the OEM airbox to the Chimera Short Ram Intake Tube
    3. Install the Chimera intake tube onto the throttle body coupler, check the breather hose length and cut the breather hose to length (leave a little extra length for adjustments if needed)
    4. Plug in the IAT sensor extension harness.
    5. Fit the air filter onto the Chimera intake tube.
    6. Adjust the position to your preference and then tighten everything up.
  • Chimera Short Ram Intake kit ONLY INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:

    • Chimera Short Ram Intake Pipe (2022 Honda Grom 125)
    • Chimera IAT Sensor Extension Harness
    • Chimera 3 Ply Silicone Intake Coupler
    • 2x Hose Clamp



    • Chimera Universal Cone Air Filter - 49-50mm +$25.59
    • Sprint Filter Universal Water Proof Air Filter - 49-50mm+$66.00


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